Butler Motorcycle Maps – Oregon Map G1


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  • Now you can find the best paved motorcycle rides in the country thanks to Butler G1 Maps.
  • No more having to guess which path to take to find all the best our country has to offer.
  • Butler Maps has a dedicated team of riders that venture out and rate every road so you can have the best adventure possible.
  • They use an easy-to-read rating system to indicate the most dramatic, scenic stretches.
  • They are accompanied by detailed inset boxes, written descriptions, elevation profiles and other useful information to help you plan your journey.

Oregon is one of the top motorcycle destinations in the country for good reason. Stunning mountain passes, desolate dirt back roads, obscure Paved Mountain Trails and unparalleled coastline, Oregon has it all. Our Oregon map features over 40 recommended dual-sport roads in addition to the 49 paved G1 roads that are not to be missed.

Butler Motorcycle Maps identify the most dramatic and thrilling rides in each state. The experts at Butler have ridden and researched each and every road segment detailed on these maps. No matter what you ride, from sport bike enthusiast to dual sport adventurer, chopper rider to two up tourers, the Butler team has you covered. The best segments of road in the state are rated from G1 to G3, providing focused information about the riding experience. The rating system is based on features such as high mountain passes, deep canyons, sweepers, switchbacks, twisties, and remarkable scenery. The rides designated as Lost Highways are stretches of road that seem lost in time. Traveling through untouched landscapes void of population, the roads’ faded centerlines and crumbling shoulders are the only remnants of a purposeful past. The Paved Mountain Trails are paths of pavement through remote forests and mountain ranges. All exceptionally tight, twisty, and remote, these stunning routes have even the most seasoned riders coming back for more.

  • Waterproof, tear-resistant construction.
  • QR Codes to pull up-to-date information.
  • Dual-sport roads included.
  • Seasonal weather profiles.
  • 4.25in. x 9in. folded.
  • Made in USA.


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