Dead in 5 Heartbeats | by Sonny Barger


Dead in 5 Heartbeats (Patch Kinkade, 1) Mass Market Paperback – July 27, 2004

by Sonny Barger (Author)

The no–holds–barred first novel from Sonny Barger, author of the New York Times bestseller Hell’s Angel. The mass market edition will be an ideal format for Sonny’s legions of fans.

Patch Kinkade thought that things were winding down. The former President of the Infidelz, the most powerful motorcycle club in Northern California, Patch has drifted east, hoping to start a new life in Arizona. He wants to forget his old life, a life where being the President of the Infidelz cost him his family. Now, he is responsible for no one but himself.

But everything changes one night in Nevada, as bad blood between members of the Infidelz and a rival club, the 2Wheelers, errupts into a firefight, littering a casino with the corpses of both club members and ordinary citizens. The newspapers call it ⁩ke Wars,⟡nd Patch knows he’s needed, either to help make a peace––or win a war.

Responding to the call to duty, Patch straps on his knives and wipes the dust off his Harley, ready to cruise down the highway for what could be his final ride.


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